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Rolling Thunder® Inc. XXVII 2014

The Rolling Thunder® Inc "Ride for Freedom" is an annual motorcycle demonstration that aims to raise awareness for the many military men and women who gave their lives in the past and in the future, for the freedom of all Americans. The demonstration/ride is designed to get action from our government to ensure everything is being done to get all Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action to come home and to make sure we take care of our veterans when they do come home. Each year, thousands of veterans, motorcycle clubs, veteran organizations and general public ride in hopes that their presence in Washington DC reminds our government, the media, and the public of the soldiers who have been left behind. They vow to continue to fight and ride until all of these soldiers are found and returned home. Their watchwords: "We Will Not Forget" Continue to article...

Rolling Thunder® Inc. XXVII, Washington, DC May 25 2014

To find out more about Rolling Thunder® Inc. XXVI, Washington, DC May 25 2014 or to donate visit the Rolling Thunder® Inc. National Website.

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Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys. Kill A Biker Go To JailRuss Brown Motorcycle Attorneys. Kill A Biker Go To Jail


A major cause of motorcycle accidents is the failure of the others to see the motorcyclist. Drivers need to remind themselves that they share the road with us.

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Get properly trained and licensed

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Never use alcohol or other drugs

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